Climate Controller- The Climate Controller takes inspiration from the practices that we humans utilize to direct our thoughts and expand our awareness. One of the great rewards of experimenting with perception is the realizing the power of the mind. The emotions and the things we focus on are the building blocks of our reality, and that if the mind can change, so can the life that surrounds it. The Climate Controller is a representation of something that has complete control over what happens inside. Understanding the nature of the mind, allows for an understanding of all things. Thoughts can be shaped, therefore reality can be shaped. A refrigerator makes an unexpected and fun symbol for this, considering how we typically rely on them to maintain a constant inner environment. 2.25" tall, (left to right) antique copper limited edition of 30, rainbow 50, black nickel 75.
Time Sentinel - The Saguaro Cactus represents so much, often associated with visions of the American Southwest and all its mysteries. They possess such character, each of them a strange tree in a desert forest. Perfectly adapted to their environment, Saguaros live for hundreds of years and provide life for an entire ecosystem in the harshest of places. They’re also huge, growing upwards of 60 feet and weighing several thousand pounds. They’re champions of the Sonoran Desert. They can symbolize the resilience of life itself. Not just surviving in a strange and severe climate, but thriving in it.
Sometimes things get hard. You make decisions you regret, or things happen out of your control. We withhold our desires to conform to society out of fear. Sometimes restraint is necessary, but most of those fears are artificial. We all go through these experiences, but our strength and creativity has propelled us humans through it all. This pin is a reminder of that hope, that will to live and thrive no matter what. We may not live hundreds of years or grow 60 feet tall, but let this Saguaro remind you of that potential, that resilience of life that flows through you, now and forever. 3.125" tall, limited edition of 100
Time Sentinel - 3.125" tall, copper variant limited edition of 70

Time Sentinel - 3.125" tall, Deser Sunset variant limited edition of 30

Hart of the Forest "Quest" Variant - limited edition of 10! The first people to complete a photo scavenger hunt at Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI won this pin.

Hart of the Forest - 2.27" wide, limited edition of 75. 

Hart of the Forest - 2.27" wide, limited edition of 30. 

Hart of the Forest - 2.27" wide, limited edition of 125. 

Light of the Forest - 3" wide, limited edition of 75. 

Light of the Forest - 3" wide, limited edition of 10! The first to complete the photo scavenger hunt at Electric Forest Festival 2018 won this pin. 

Light of the Forest - 3" wide, limited edition of 125. 

Light of the Forest - 3" wide, limited edition of 30. 

The Perception Percolator was designed around the power of an idea. An idea, like a seed crystal, can grow and extend its essence into everything about our existence. Ideas shape who we are, and this one celebrates those special ones, those intense, electrifying ideas that pass into our brains to empower the lives we lead today. May this pin remind you of those conscious-altering moments, and inspires you to always be open to new ones. 2.25" tall, black nickel limited edition of 100, "Voltage" copper variant 50, "French Roast" variant 30.

Lightning Flower- Sometimes called a Lichtenburg Figure, a Lightning Flower is a mark you receive after being struck by lightning. They’re rare and strangely beautiful, giving the appearance of a delicate tree or fern tattooed across one’s skin. This design is an interpretation of that mark, a symbol for a significant moment, whether it be strike of inspiration, a stroke of luck, or just good times spent with the ones you love. You can carry this bold design as a reminder of times when things felt electric. 2.38" tall, Blue metal variant limited edition of 100

Lightning Flower- 2.38" tall, rainbow metal variant limited edition of 70.

Lightning Flower pendants, limited edition of 50

The Megalodon - One of the largest, most powerful predators that ever lived. These massive creatures swam the seas somewhere between 23 and 2.6 million years ago, growing at lengths estimated up to 60 feet (some of the largest Great Whites are around 20 feet) and weighing approximately 52 tons. The name Megalodon translates to “Big Tooth,” due to found fossils of their teeth that measure around 7in in height. They used those teeth with incredible strength, crushing their prey with up to 180,000 newtons of force (compare that to the Saltwater Crocodile, with the strongest living bite of around 16,000 newtons!). The Megalodon was truly an amazing and terrifying force of nature. 
Life can take such amazing forms of strength, beauty and infinitely perplexing bizarreness. Perhaps representing this huge and intensely scary creature with bright colors and an organic, undulating flow could help illustrate those feelings towards nature. That you can be both a little frightened of something, be it something abstract like the unknown or a big scary shark, and still respect and enjoy it for what it is. It’s one of the more difficult things to do as a human, to see those things that feel potentially different and threatening from multiple perspectives. The many lines and swirling intensity of color celebrate the life this creature once had, while staying true to its fearsome and powerful form. 2.75" wide, Satin gold variant limited edition of 125.

Megalodon - Prehistorid Prism Variant, limited edition of 35. 2.75" wide

Megalodon - Big Blue Variant, limited edition of 75. 2.75" wide

Okeemeleon -  2" wide, "Panther" variant limited edition of 60.

Okeemeleon -  2" wide, "Veiled" variant limited edition of 30.

Okeemeleon - Gentle, strange, colorful creatures, chameleons are really cool examples of the diversity of life on this planet. This was created with the idea of many different forces coming together to create a whole. 2" wide, limited edition of 90.
Mindcone enamel pin- (description written by Ryan) I created the Mindcone at Electric Forest. While I was out and about talking with people at campsites, I ran into someone who found a pinecone in the forest. It was a beautiful, compact little specimen with this wonderful geometry to it. I talked with them for a little while, marveling at how simple and strange this natural device is. I thought of the many types of pinecones that rely on fire to open them and spread their seeds, fascinated by the idea of the forest evolving to take this incredibly destructive force and turn it into new life. 
I think of this design as a celebration of change. I used to be so nostalgic and rigid towards many things that altered my norm very far, mourning the loss of the familiar and resisting so much of the new. I have many factors to thank in rocking me out of that rut, but most particularly festivals and my amazing fiancé. I hope this pin reminds you to be open to new opportunities and ideas, carefully considering them and seeing the positive in whats to come. Just as a pinecone opens in the most extraordinary circumstances, so can the mind.  "Quest" variant limited edition of 10. Only the first 8 people to donate school supplies were able to purchase this pin.
Elemental Pendant - Many ancient cultures used the four elements (or similar system) to classify the physical world. The ancient Greeks, in their relentless and fascinating quest to distill this reality, used this tool to deconstruct the universe into four ideas. They balanced and complimented each other, creating a system of harmony. Aristotle added a fifth element that ran through all the elements, known as aether. It was the substance that flowed through all things, a quintessence of the universe.
The Elemental was created as an homage to the pursuit of knowledge. Deconstructing things, organizing and understanding systems, building ideas into something completely new, these all have propelled us humans to the lives we lead today. The four elements eventually evolved into our understanding of atoms, aether has formed into gravity, inertia, and light. And just as humanity as a whole has grown, we all have grown individually as well. I know my understanding of how to handle my emotions and decisions has certainly helped me lead a more fulfilling life, and its encouraging to think that same spirit lives in humanity itself. This Elemental celebrates the ideas that further us, that help us understand where and who we are. I’m excited to continue growing, and I hope this Elemental reminds you of your personal growth and ideas that fuel you forward.  -Rutherford - 2" tall, all variants limited edition of 50.
Bisco Beetle V2 enamel pin- Created to celebrate Camp Bisco in Scranton, PA. Part 2 of the Bisco Beetle series. Black nickel variant limited edition of 125, 2" tall.
Bisco Beetle V2 enamel pin- Created to celebrate Camp Bisco in Scranton, PA. Part 2 of the Bisco Beetle series. Copper variant limited edition of 75, 2" tall.
Renewal enamel pin - Our hands are the tools of our renewal. We manifest so many of our ideas through the use of our hands, and they’re often symbolic of our abilities as humans to accomplish amazing things. In nature, the flower can be a symbol of something new. Growth or change in plants often starts with a bloom. Renewal combines these elements to create a reflection piece for the end of a year and start of a new. What things would you like to try in the coming months? How have you grown and improved this past year? What blocks would you want to have removed? “Autumn” LE 35 Antique Copper, “Spring” LE40 Copper, “Summer” LE45 Satin Gold “Winter” LE 30 Satin Silver with glitter and blue glow.
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